Baja Bound

Saylor: “Hey Pat… Do you have a truck all lined up?”

Pat: “Yup!”

Thats all you really need down there… plus a camper shell… Thanks Shawn and Ryland for getting us on the road.

Mex 1 I will see you again


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Spring Break

A couple of great things happened over spring break.  Everything came crashing down though on April 7th, the last day of it.  Here is a look at the goods that were…. a Middle Fork Feather (Sloat to Redbridge) trip.  And…. the ole man has his dirty 30th.


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Winter Exploits

With the close of winter about 3 months ago, and the fact that summer is in full force here.  It seemed appropriate to pull these photos from where they were collecting dust on the hard drive.

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